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Are Climbing Domes Safe for Your Kids? (Honest Insight)

04 Apr 2024
Two kids standing and smiling on a climbing dome.

“Are climbing domes safe?” is one of the lingering questions surrounding the fun outdoor structures.   

As a parent, you always want your kids to be safe at playtime.  

We at gobaplay sell a Large Geometric Climbing Dome and will discuss the safety of the structures in this article.   

Safe outdoor play is our mission! We used our safety-first mindset to create the world’s safest trampoline (Springfree Trampoline) and we are committed to doing the same with our gobaplay Products.  

Are Kids’ Climbing Domes Dangerous? 

Climbing domes, just like most playground structures, are safe as long you use them properly.   

There is not much recent data about accident statistics for climbing domes.  

In the early 2000s, a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission study found that climbers (similar to climbing domes) caused the fewest injuries among home playground equipment, compared to swings and slides.  

While there’s not a lot of data for injuries on outdoor climbing domes, they can occur if the climbing dome is misused.   

The main concern about climbing domes is falling injuries. Since some structures exceed 7 ft tall, it presents a falling hazard if safety precautions are not met.   

But don’t worry: We will tell you exactly how to keep your kids safe on a climbing dome.  

Six young kids playing on and around a geometric climbing dome. 

11 Safety Rules for Climbing Domes  

These safety rules were expertly crafted to ensure your child’s safety while using a climbing dome.  

If you follow these guidelines, you will significantly decrease your chances of a climbing dome injury.   

1. Set Expectations   

First and foremost, set expectations for following the rules below and educate your children on the dangers of not following them.   

We know from our research that most climbing dome injuries occur from misuse or not following instructions.   

2. Always Supervise  

We always recommend supervising your children while playing on the climbing dome.    

Proper supervision is a necessity, especially when kids are just starting and/or multiple kids are playing at the same time.  

3. No Rough Play 

Rough play, pushing or wrestling is NEVER okay on a geometric climbing dome!  

Climbing domes are typically made with steel structures, and rough playing around the dome could lead to a painful injury.  

4. Adhere to Weight Limits   

Always follow the weight limits specified by the manufacturer. This might be stated in two ways: the single-user weight limit and the multiple-child weight limit.   

Here are examples of our gobaplay Climbing Dome weight limits:  

  • User weight limit: 68 kg
  • *Multiple-child weight limit: 45 kg   

*The multiple-child weight limit is recommended for play activities designed for multiple child use.   

5. Restrict the Quantity of Children Allowed  

Just like there are weight limits on climbing domes, there are restrictions on the number of children allowed.  

On our gobaplay Climbing Dome, we recommend that no more than six children use the Dome at a time. Other climbing domes will have different numbers depending on their manufacturer.  

Three kids looking down from on top of a geometric climbing dome. 

6. Wear Appropriate Attire   

When using a climbing dome, dress appropriately! This includes no loose-fitting clothes, hood and neck drawstrings, scarves, cord-connected items, capes, ponchos or helmets.   

Your child should also wear full foot-enclosing footwear and not clogs, flip-flops or sandals.  

7. Avoid the Dome on Rainy Days  

A wet climbing dome could make the structure slippery. It’s best to wait out the rainy days and only use it when the weather is nice.   

Climbing domes may also get dangerously hot on sunny days if exposed to direct sunlight.  Always check to make sure the product is not too hot before use.   

8. Don’t Attach Unfitting Items   

Never attach items to the dome that are not supposed to be on there, as this can cause a choking hazard.  

These items may include jump ropes, clotheslines, pet leashes, cables and chains.   

9. Safely Install Your Dome  

Assembling your climbing dome in a safe space is PARAMOUNT. Here are some helpful installation tips:   

  • Follow all assembly instructions to a TEE. Consider hiring a professional if you feel you cannot properly install the structure.   
  • Inspect all parts before assembling. 
  • Have two adults assemble the dome.  
  • Install on a level surface and never on hard surfacing, like concrete.   
  • Be wary of surrounding obstacles, like tree branches, overhead wires or other structures (like swing sets). 
  • If installing on top of surfacing; build it first and then apply the surfacing.    
  • Ensure there is a safety clearance area of at least 6.5 ft around the structure.   

Make sure to pay attention to your climbing dome’s specifications before installing. Here is an example of our Climbing Dome’s specifications: 

gobaplay Climbing Dome specifications. 

10. Always Use Anchors  

You should never allow play on a climbing dome that is not anchored.  

Anchoring your dome helps to prevent tipping, overturning or lifting during use. Our gobaplay Climbing Dome comes with anchors, but some manufacturers won’t include them and this will be a separate purchase.   

11. Regularly Inspect Your Climbing Dome  

Finally, set a reminder to do monthly maintenance checks on the structure. You will want to check to make sure all hardware is tightened and look for any wear or rust.  

You also might need to make accommodations to store the climbing dome if bad weather is approaching (this will depend on the type of dome you have).   

If you find any issues, repair it immediately or have a professional come do it.  An inadequate structure can be dangerous to climb on.   

Interested in a Safe Climbing Dome for Your Kids?  

Climbing domes are safe and highly enjoyable structures for kids to develop strong muscles and coordination.  

However, you must use them properly and follow safety rules to decrease your chances of suffering an injury. 

Our gobaplay Climbing Dome goes the extra mile when it comes to safety, recently winning the Parents Picks Award for 2024. Its safety features include:  

  • Non-slip powder-coated steel structure with real rock-climbing hand grips. 
  • Unique dome shape helps it fit more seamlessly into compact spaces. 
  • 2-year warranty that is double the industry standard. 
  • Anchors included for extra stability. 
  • ASTM-certified.  

If you’re considering a climbing dome for your kids, check out our gobaplay Climbing Dome, made for a safe and electrifying experience! 

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