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$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set

$100 Off Ultimate Discovery Swing Set


How Much Is a Swing Set? (The Ultimate Guide)

28 Feb 2024
A boy laying in a grey tent swing in a pretty backyard.

The question, “How much is a swing set?” is a complex one.   

There are many types of swing sets, ranging from small to large. Not to mention all the accessories and potential installation/maintenance costs.  

We’re going to use our expertise at gobaplay to simplify swing set costs for you.   

We sell multiple types of swing sets and keep a close eye on cost trends in the industry.   

There’s a lot to cover, but this article will be your trusted guide to knowing exactly how much you need to budget for your ideal swing set.    

Let’s get started!  

4 Swing Set Cost Factors   

We’ve broken down the main factors behind the cost of swing sets below, starting with the swing set type:  

1. Types of Swing Sets  

There are four common swing set types. Here are general price ranges and pros and cons to get you started:  

  • Wooden Swing Sets - $300 - $5000+  

Multiple kids playing on a wooden swing set. 

Photo via Backyard Discovery.   

Main pros: Natural appearance, highly customizable, durable for the long term, high weight capacity and eco-friendly.   

Main cons: High upfront cost, regular maintenance may be required, installation can be complex (possibly requiring professionals), might be difficult to move once installed.  

  • Metal Swing Sets - $100-$1,500+  

Kids playing on a large metal swing set.


Main pros: Typically more affordable, adapts to various climates, lower maintenance, plenty of design choices, relatively easy to assemble and portable once installed.   

Main cons: Can easily absorb heat, is not as natural looking as wood, can accumulate rust over time and may not be as customisable as wooden swing sets.  

Check out “Are Wooden or Metal Swing Sets Better?” for more information on the first two swing set types.  

  • Plastic Swing Sets - $50-$1,000+ 

A toddler playing on a plastic swing set indoors. 

Photo via Wayfair.  

Main pros: Good fit for toddlers, affordable, generally resistant to rust/decay, easy to assemble, lightweight.  

Main cons: Short product lifespan, less sturdy, customization may be limited, not eco-friendly.    

  • Custom/Luxury Swing Sets - $1,000-$10,000+ 

A luxury swing set with blue slides. 

Photo via Ruffhouse Play Systems.   

Main pros: High-quality, extensive customization, aesthetically appealing, long-lasting.  

Main cons: Premium price, usually requires professional assembly, takes up lots of backyard space and may require regular maintenance.   

What About the Swing Set’s Quality?   

You likely noticed the broad price ranges for each type of swing set.  

The quality of the swing set dictates the price point.   

If you buy a high-quality swing set, you will be at the higher end of the price range.  

The brand of swing set will help hint at the quality.  

Swing set brands like Funky Monkey Bars, Vuly and Lifespan Kids have a good reputation for producing quality swing sets.  

Brand reputation and user reviews are a great place to start when forecasting the quality of a swing set.  

2. Swing Set Size and Components  

The size of the swing set will also affect how much it ultimately costs.   

  • You can get small, basic swing sets for around $100-$500  
  • Medium swing sets will likely cost you around $500-$1,500  
  • Large swing sets will cost $1,500 or more.  

It also matters which components come with the swing set.  

Swings, slides, monkey bars and climbing structures, among others, will add to the total price.  

3. Swing Set Installation Costs  

Installation is another area where costs can add up quickly.   

Basic swing sets should be able to be assembled by most (they can be professionally assembled if needed).   

However, larger swing sets with complex designs will likely need to be professionally assembled.  

Professional swing set installers can cost anywhere from $200-$1,000 or more. It really depends on the size and complexity of the swing set.  

A man preparing the ground for a swing set. 

Photo via The Home Depot.  

Also included as a part of the installation process is soft surfacing you may want to put under the swing set.  

This might include rubber mulch, wood chips, sand or pea gravel.  

You can also purchase a shock-absorbent mat to place under the swings for additional protection.   

4. Maintenance/Upgrades  

The initial purchase price and installation take up most of the cost of a swing set.  

However, there are a couple of post-purchase expenses you may opt for, depending on your specific set.   

The main form of maintenance costs for a swing set is repairs.   

If anything is structurally wrong with the set, you might need to opt for a professional to come fix the issue.  

There could also be smaller maintenance costs like cleaning supplies and paint.   

The other post-purchase cost is upgrades.   

The great thing about swing sets is they can be highly modular, allowing you to add to the structure over time.   

This can include new swings, toys and games, like tic-tac-toe! 

A young boy playing on a tic-toe-panel. 

Photo via Gorilla Playsets.   

Where to Buy a Swing Set  

Another factor that can affect the cost of a swing set is where you buy it.   

Here are the six main places to buy a swing set:  

  • Online retailers (think Catch). 
  • Local retailers (Ex: Bunnings).  
  • Your local backyard dealer. 
  • Directly from the brand’s website (like us at gobaplay!) 
  • Warehouse clubs like Costco. 
  • Online marketplaces (Ex: Facebook Marketplace).   

Buying a new swing set from a retailer will be different than buying a used swing set in a marketplace. 

It’s also possible for a swing set to be on sale at certain places rather than others. Speaking of…  

When to Look for Swing Set Deals  

You can be strategic about when to purchase a swing set.   

Typically, swing sets go on sale during the early spring season and during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   

You might also find limited-time promotions run during holidays like Easter or Black Friday. The end of financial year is a good time to look for a clearance swing set.   

Generally, many backyard products go on sale around the same time.   

For example, our other brand – Springfree Trampoline – runs promotions during similar time periods as gobaplay.  

If you’re looking to upgrade your backyard – even beyond swing sets – do it during these strategic times.   

It will make getting the backyard of your dreams that much more affordable!  

Two kids climbing on a climbing dome next to a Springfree Trampoline. 


(Pictured above is our gobaplay Climbing Dome. Check it out if you’re looking to develop your child’s coordination in a fun way!)   

How to Choose the Best Swing Set for Your Family  

Knowing the cost of a swing set brings us to our next step: how to choose a swing set  

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with a list of questions that MUST be answered to get your perfect swing set.    

(Go through them in order!)  

1. What is your budget for a swing set? 

2. Is this a short-term or long-term purchase? 

3. How much space for a swing set do you have in your backyard? 

4. Who will be using the swing set and how old are your kids? 

5. What swing set type do you prefer? Which size would you want? Note any height or weight restrictions.  

6. What material is the swing set made of?  

7. Does the swing set meet safety standards? 

8. What features and accessories are a must-have? Ask your kids! 

9. How long is the swing set’s warranty? (This hints at how long the swing set will last before needing repairs).  

10. What is your solution for installation? 

11. What are the maintenance requirements?   

Answer all these questions, and you’re on your way to reaching new heights and creating those joyful family moments! 

Kids playing on a swing set while their parents stand behind and push. 


FAQ: How Much Is a Swing Set? 

Before wrapping up, let’s quickly run through a few commonly asked questions about swing set costs:  

1. How Much Should I Spend on a Swing Set? 

The amount you should spend on a swing set depends on your budget, the quality and features you desire, and how long you intend to use it.   

We recommend setting a realistic budget based on your goals.  

2. Why Are Swing Sets So Expensive?  

Swing sets can be expensive due to factors like material quality, construction, safety features, and brand reputation.   

Additionally, shipping and installation costs may contribute to the overall price. 

3. Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Swing Set? 

It can vary depending on factors such as your DIY skills, the cost of materials, and the time required for construction.   

In some cases, building a swing set from scratch may be cheaper, but buying a pre-made set can save time and ensure structural integrity.  

4. How Much Is a Swing Set at Kmart?   

Swing set prices at Walmart can range from around $100 for basic, smaller sets to several hundred dollars for larger or more feature-rich options.  

6. How Much Is a Wooden Swing Set?  

Wooden swing set prices vary depending on factors such as size, brand, features, and quality of materials.   

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars for a wooden swing set.  

Looking For Affordable, High-Quality Swing Sets?  

Swing set costs can add up.   

But now that you know what prices to expect, where and when to buy a swing set and how to choose the right one, you are that much closer to making a purchase.   

We at gobaplay offer a combination of quality and affordability with our contemporary metal swing sets.   

We’ve got award-winning single swing sets, medium swing sets and large swing sets that could be a fit for you if you’re looking for a metal set to grace your backyard.   

Check out our gobaplay Swing Sets and get ready for soaring fun! 

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